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{April 27, 2010}   A Personal Unit of Measure for Life

My 84-year-old father told me that he now measures his life in a short-term way—from holiday to holiday—from Memorial Day to Father’s Day to July 4th

Although a year can be considered the universal unit of measuring the length of a life, most of us have a unique or personal unit of measure for the length of our lives, based on our values and interests.  For example, gardeners and sports fans measure by the seasons, runners measure by miles or the life of a pair of sneakers, parents measure by events in their children’s lives, and avid readers by the number of books they will read.  Most of us have several ways with which we measure our lives.  I certainly know a lot of Red Sox fans that believed they would never see the Red Sox win the World Series during their lifetime, until the Sox won in 2004.

 After losing our 20-year-old cat, my husband surprised me by measuring his remaining life expectancy by how many pets he will have in the future.  It made us choose our next cats carefully.  Our decisions seem more important and considered when we measure our lives in this personal way.  It isn’t exactly goal-setting, although it could be viewed that way; it is more a value assessment.  Sit down and think of all the ways you can categorize and measure your life expectancy and see if it changes your decision-making.

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