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{April 25, 2010}   You Know You Are Old When…

Your formerly cutting-edge music is on the easy listening station.

The eighties were my music decade: it was when I was going to clubs and buying cds and when listening to music was a constant in my life.  Most of the music I listened to was not popular with my mainstream friends. I was wearing buttons (badges as the Brits call them) for Elvis Costello and The Jam and some of my friends would say, “Who are they?”

On a trip to England, I made friends with the tour guide because I was wearing a Lloyd Cole and the Commotions button.  He thought it was great that an American knew who they were!  Also, I dated a guy who wrote music reviews.  He went on a trip to Australia and introduced me to the Go-Betweens and Paul Kelly.

The other day I was in a major chain store and the music playing was…what?  The Go-Betweens??  Then I heard The Style Council, a later less successful band formed by the lead singer for the Jam.  Am I hearing things??

It made me think of my father commenting years after he shook his head over my brother’s love for that long-haired British band, The Beatles…”you know, the Beatles actually wrote some nice music.”  Aah…perspective.


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