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{April 14, 2010}   The Road to Success—Highway or Back Roads?

My husband and I have an ongoing disagreement—what’s the best way to get from here to there?  He always picks the highway.  Even if it is a longer distance, it feels shorter to him because the road is smoother and he can go faster.  I always choose the back roads.  It comes as a surprise to me if he proves that it is a longer distance, because it seems shorter to me.  Because I am constantly moving and not dodging passing cars, I feel like it is quick and comfortable.  The occasional “obstacles” like stop lights, and stop signs just make the drive more interesting to me.

My husband is goal-oriented and focused, but he has no patience with details or doing things carefully that involve a lot of steps.  I am always amazed at how fast he can perform computer tasks without making mistakes.  I often revel in boring tasks like washing the dishes; I don’t like to be rushed.  I get bored easily and need to switch gears often; I accomplish things a little at a time.  We are a good complement to each other because of our differences, and those differences are mirrored in our driving choices.

There are many times I wish I were more like him.  Sometimes even I get impatient with my slow and steady approach to life.  There are times when I am stuck at a broken red light or stuck behind a school bus and feel like I will never get to my destination.  I simply get lost or distracted on the way and a successful end eludes me.  The older I get, the harder it is to accomplish anything approaching things the way I do and the less possible it seems that I can change.  It feels like the world is constantly on my butt and honking at me, but it doesn’t make me go faster.  I simply pull over and let it all pass by me and wonder how I got here.

Anne says:

Sue, My husband and I are the same way. His goal is to get there and back, a chore to accomplish. I would like to enjoy the scenery along the way and maybe stop at a new restaurant or farm stand.


sued51 says:

Anne, maybe it’s a men/women thing…


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