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{March 27, 2010}   Twinkies and Zombies

What is it about Twinkies?  They seem to be a fixture in TV shows and movies.  Is it because they are a lot of people’s guilty pleasure or have they reached the level of cultural icon?   

Last week on “Supernatural”, someone ate Twinkies until he died, courtesy of one of the four horsemen (Famine).  In the recent movie, “Zombieland”, Woody Harrelson’s character spends the whole movie searching for Twinkies while killing zombies.  Anyone who has seen Blue Man Group’s performance knows that Twinkies are part of it.  My husband contributed that in the original “Diehard” movie, Bruce Willis’ character was looking for Twinkies for his wife.  I’m sure there are many more references I can’t think of at the moment.

Is it a marketing ploy by Hostess to keep us buying Twinkies?  I’m sure it doesn’t hurt.  I haven’t had a Twinkie since I was a kid.  But I think each generation “discovers” and enjoys them.  Maybe they are just a symbol of childhood—a concrete manifestation of nostalgia.  Despite the current trends toward eating healthy and getting our children to eat healthier, Twinkies’ omnipresence in the art of our society will ensure that they will live on for years to come.

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