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{March 21, 2010}   “Haul” videos

Now I’ve seen everything.  What values are we instilling in our teens?  The newest craze is for teenage girls to go on shopping sprees and make YouTube videos showing what they bought—their “haul”.  There are so many of these “haul” videos being made that some companies are either giving free products to the most popular shoppers/video makers or actually paying them to shop.  These girls are affecting shopping habits of other teens and becoming “stars”.  According to a news piece I saw on TV, one girl actually had to quit school (she is now being home-schooled) to enable herself to have enough time to do her shopping and “haul” videos.  Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

It seems like we are teaching children that all that matters is making money, and that anything they do to make money is okay (that’s why we are stuck with horrible reality shows).  This economy encourages that anyway, but to me it seems like capitalism run amok.


I am so torn when I hear about things like this. On one hand I love the fact that we are no longer tied to the social norm of getting a 9-5 job, and that we can earn a living in a huge number of fun ways. But you are right, I think it’s concerning that this trend will create a competitive shopping mentality, which is the last thing that teens need right now, exposed as they are to over-materialistic social pressures.


sued51 says:

Yes, Angela, I know what you are saying. it is good to see them finding a creative outlet, but I am worried that they might think that “consuming” is good enough and not pursue more education or grow as human beings.


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