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{March 16, 2010}   Flood Waters Recede Leaving Potholes and Litter

As we drove around today, the highway department was already trying to repair the endless potholes revealed and deepened by the flooded streams and rivers.  The roads were obstacle courses full of sawhorses and cones marking the potholes.  Trash was everywhere, spread by the risen water and randomly dropped when it receded.  Spring cleaning is not just for inside homes.  Thank goodness spring brings a renewal of energy and the desire to be out in the sun and mild weather.

I love to see the green shoots of the daffodils, tulips, and lilies breaking through the ground, but not when they are surrounded by old plastic containers and bags, and cans that were crushed unseen beneath the snow.

I will go out to my vernal pool area and collect as much trash as I can in appreciation of the arrival of spring.  Today I was happy to see a male and female duck paddling through the trash-filled muddy water.  I hope if I clean up they will stay. I hope my neighbors do the same near their homes so we can all enjoy the colorful flowers and buds coming soon.

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