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{March 11, 2010}   Mad Money (a corollary to “Do You Get an Allowance?”)

When I was working, I used to collect the cans from the coworkers who drank sodas.  They usually threw them out, so I just asked if I could have them.  I had a box in my office and when it was full, I would take them to bottle redemption; I would put the money I received in a jar.  One day, one of the newer engineers asked me why I collected them.  As I mentally prepared my answer, one of the other guys jumped in, “That’s her ‘mad money’; every woman needs ‘mad money’.”  The first guy looked at him with a puzzled look.  “You know, ‘mad money’– money to spend on little things like magazines or little decorative things for the house”, he explained.

I had to smile…he understood better than I would have thought; I really liked his answer.  It is so difficult to NEVER spend money on anything frivolous: little decorations at Christmas Tree shop, seeds for the garden, craft materials, music on ITunes, or magazines.  I do understand that I don’t NEED those things, which is why I don’t want to spend needed household money on them.  But, somehow, without the ability to buy those things when I want to, I feel like a prisoner.  I am working on my attitude, but the desire to “break free” is overwhelming at times: every woman needs “mad money”.


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