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{March 10, 2010}   Can You Be Too Old to Have Pets?

 My mother and father just lost their 10-year-old dog, Jerry.  They have always had pets, but they swear this time they won’t get another.  Their biggest concern is that if anything happens to them, they would have to know that someone would take their pet; they’re afraid that at this point, a pet may live longer than they will.

This is not the first time I’ve heard this.  Two days ago we had a conversation with a neighbor whose cat we used to stop and pet as we passed her yard.  She had two cats and two dogs; she has one cat left.  I asked if she was going to get more pets and she said, “No. I’d like to get another dog, but I don’t have anyone to take care of it if anything happens.”

It makes me so sad.  My husband and I were at the PetSmart today; we always visit with the cats up for adoption.  Today there was a 7-year-old cat; the description said the cat was given up because its owner had gone to a nursing home.  I’m sure giving up the cat was yet another source of distress to someone who was probably distressed enough about having to leave their home.

A woman came over to talk to us when we were looking at the cats.  “Some of these cats have been here for a while,” she said.  I looked at their descriptions: along with the 7-year-old cat, there was a 2-year-old cat and a 3-year-old cat.  “I feel so bad for them,” she said.  “Me too,” I said.

Writing the blog is my way of helping those cats.  If my parents were cat people I’d try to convince my parents to adopt an older kitty.  They would be providing a home, helping out another elderly person, and probably wouldn’t have to worry about their pet living longer than them.  But…I know they won’t.  Maybe my blog with convince someone else to do it.

This is a very good ideal. Older cats are more tamed and trained.


sued51 says:

John, thanks for your comment and follow. I liked what I read of your blog…positive and uplifting. 🙂


Thank you. We need to look for the good things in the world around us.


sued51 says:

I totally agree, John. 🙂


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