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{March 4, 2010}   Where Did My Imagination Go?

I seem to have carelessly misplaced it somewhere like sunglasses or an umbrella, and I can’t remember where.  Did I bury it in the woods with the orthotics that I told my mother “a bear took” (because they were uncomfortable)?  Did I stash it away in my “game box”, the handled peach basket full of toilet paper rolls and home-made game boards colored with crayons?  Or perhaps I tucked it away in one of the books I read years ago, when I was likely to use anything I had as a bookmark, like the stray photos that have left a blank space in some of my photo albums.

When I was a child my mother used to say that someday I was going to work for Milton Bradley inventing games.  My brother and I still talk about the “dots” game I created around a tool handle I found in the woods.  My best friend and I used to have a “Miss America” pageant using the “Game of the States” and pictures we cut out of magazines.

Can your imagination disappear?  Can that area of the brain be overwritten by the logical thinking required by today’s way of life?  I hope not; I really want to find it.

Somewhere between being a child and a half-century old, I left it behind.  But maybe if I retrace my steps, I will still be where I left it and I can just pick it up and make sure it doesn’t get left behind as I move forever forward in my life.

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