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{March 2, 2010}   An Obsession with Pens

My cat, Zoee, loves pens.  It seems I’m always running around the house picking up pens off the floor because Zoee steals them whenever she can.  It doesn’t matter whether they are ballpoint or felt-tip, plastic or metal, Zoee loves them.

It reminds me of my own obsession with pens in the past, although for me, it was all about color.  I bought as many colors as I could to make my journal-writing more adventurous. Lime green, orange, and yellow were failed experiments.  I can’t read them, especially with writing on the other side of the page.

My husband went through a period of pen obsession too, but his was about how they were made and looked.  I bought him a couple of pens for gifts that cost between $50 and $100.  I was very happy when my nephew expressed an interest in having a nice pen; I bought him a special pen for his high school graduation, for which he wrote me lovely and heartfelt “thank you”.

Now that I am unemployed and broke I find myself using whatever I can find: pens with advertisements of realtors, farm supplies, or insurance companies, whatever writes fairly smoothly and whatever Zoee hasn’t stolen when I need it.

It is my belief that anyone who likes to write goes through a pen obsession at some point in their life.  I smile as I realize Zoee truly is my cat; a pen obsession can identify a writer or a writer’s kitty.


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