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{February 15, 2010}   How Many Pets is Too Many?

Lately I have read a lot of blogs about the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. The consensus seems to be that up to three cats is okay; four starts to get into “crazy” territory. One lady said that she and her husband adopted one at a time until they ended up with five, a gradual accumulation of felines. And they love it!

My husband and I have two and occasionally think about adopting one to two more, but we recognize that may put us into the “crazy cat people” category, and we aren’t sure we want to go there. As soon as we mention it to my parents, they say, “Oh you don’t want to do that” and they talk about the cost.

But why does this stereotype exist in the first place? I guess it goes back to “witch hunt” times when unmarried women with multiple cats were thought to be witches. I’ve even heard that there is actually a named disease for those people we hear about on the news that have double-digit numbers of cats (and even I think that’s crazy).

What about having multiple species of pets? Is someone who has two dogs, two cats, two birds, and a hamster considered a “crazy pet person” or is it just people who have more than three cats? Just wondering…


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