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{February 1, 2010}   Navigating the River of Transition

I am sure my life is headed to a place very different than it has been to in the past. Sometimes I wonder if it is fear or despair fogging my vision when I look ahead, but my steadfast intuition knows it is not. This is just a transition from the old way of life to a new one not yet visible. Could it be that I am reading too many articles about the changing nature of work? No, the articles only confirm what I already “know” inside. I try to shush the self-pitying part of myself: “I never thought this could happen to me; I’m smart, hard-working, and resourceful. What’s wrong with the world?” It distresses me that “hard-working” has become an obsolete and unusable adjective.

Part of me is happy to not have a “regular” full-time job; part of me is excited to tackle some things I have never done before, but the other voice I hear is the practical version of me harping about making money and exhaling fear, chilling my hopes. Discussion groups assure me I am not alone on this river; within the fog are countless contemporaries in the same little boats trying to see where we are going. Like Annie, we have to believe “the sun will come out tomorrow”, but I believe that sun will reveal a world very different than what we are used to seeing.

During this time of transition, listening to your inner voice and intuition and having faith are extremely important. Believing you are a survivor and can weather anything is the most important characteristic you can have right now. To everyone else navigating this river, we’ll make it. This journey is a process but in the end, we’ll be happier and be left with the best parts of ourselves. I can’t say I know how long this river of transition will be, but oars are useless; let yourself move with the river and believe in the place ahead.


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