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{January 30, 2010}   From 80’s Boston Band Members to Poets: a Tale of Two Daves

Dave Morrison: Back in the 1980’s in Boston, I was a frequent club-goer.  There were several bands I saw quite often; one was The Trademarks.  Their songwriting duo of Dave Morrison and Jack Moran wrote catchy and danceable songs.  While going to see them quite often, I got acquainted with the band a little bit.  Dave Morrison and I had some conversations at the time about books and writing; I was just beginning to write poetry at the time.  I recently got back in touch with Dave and found out he has found a new life as a poet and is producing wonderful work, including some performance art with music.  It is great to see that though the Trademarks are now a memory, Dave found a way to morph his talents to another field with success.

David R. Surrette:  Another band I saw several times in 1980’s Boston was Boy’s Life.  The lead singer was John Surrette; many of the band’s songs were written by his brother David Surrette.  Imagine my surprise years later to bump into David in my volunteer position on my town’s art council.  He applied for a grant to put together a book of poetry and art created by the people in our town.  The book was produced and a poet reading was held at our local library.  David is a fabulous creative writing/English teacher who gets his students involved.  It’s wonderful to see how his life has evolved.


Dave M. says:

Sue! Thanks so much for the mention. It’s interesting to see where our paths have taken us so far!


[…] I met the brother of the lead singer, David R.Surette, who helped pen some of the songs (see my previous blog). We had a great time talking about clubs and bands of that era. It’s ultimately a small […]


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