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{January 24, 2010}   Patriot Place

What a place.  We went to the cinema to see a movie.  The theater is beautiful; it has a digital piano playing music in the lobby. Classical music is playing in the bathroom. It has a bar/restaurant so you can get a drink or have something to eat before or after the movie.  There are several food vendors including a Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s with multiple seating areas for sitting and eating your concession stand food. 

After the movie we walked around the outdoor mall, which includes some stores and restaurants that run the gamut from Dunkin Donuts and Red Robin to more upscale places like Davio’s.  The CBS Scene restaurant and bar looked like fun place to visit with a huge outdoor screen that was showing the hockey game when we were there.  There are many storefronts yet to be rented.

We walked down to the Renaissance hotel, which has a really nice bar and restaurant whose style is very modern with a wall of windows. Past the other side of the hotel are some bigger stores including the huge Bass Pro Shop, worth a visit in itself.  A walking trail is being created around the Bass Pro Shop.

We started planning many outings that would include lunch and a movie; a trip to the Hall of Fame and dinner; or a movie and dinner.  I can’t wait to see how it evolves over time.  I think Robert Kraft is brilliant and is well on the way to creating the football stadium “destination” place he envisioned.

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