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{January 21, 2010}   Scratching post dangerous?

When we adopted our two kittens, we bought a small scratching post (about 1 ½ ft tall) with a small platform on top. We were very pleased that they used it right from the time we brought them home. They loved to sit on the top platform when playing, as well as stretch and scratch. Too quickly they started getting bigger… and bigger. They became too tall to stretch their bodies while using the scratching post. So, wanting to keep them behaving and not scratching the furniture, we got them a bigger scratching post made of sisal attached to a base, about 2 ½ ft tall. It provided plenty of height for them to stand up on their hind paws and stretch their length. Unfortunately, they continued to grow and gain weight.

 Though the second scratching post did not have a platform on the top, the smaller kitten still liked to sit on the top, and both would leap up and cling to it when playing. Then came the day the heavier kitten jumped up to hang off the post, and it fell over on her. We felt terrible because we couldn’t get there in time to stop it from falling on her. She scraped her backbone and wouldn’t go near it for a few days. In the meantime, the smaller kitten was playing and jumped up on the scratching post. Then, it fell over on top of her back paw. She limped for a bit, and thank goodness she stopped limping after a couple of hours, but that was enough for me.

 I moved the scratching post against the wall and did research on the Internet. The information I found recommended the sisal posts vs the posts covered with carpeting, but also warned that it was important to find a post with a sturdy base. I thought this one was sturdy, but apparently it wasn’t. I have had cats all my life, and it didn’t occur to me that I had anything to learn. So…I have learned—always do some research; it is out there and available.

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