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{January 14, 2010}   The New Renaissance “Man”

In today’s economy you have to be creative in how you reach people and how you advertise your skills.  I have had to experiment with Microsoft Publisher to create a brochure, start this blog, and take computer tests for temping.  As I network through LinkedIn, I see people with strings of identifiers and job descriptions after their names: copyeditor, writer, photographer, web designer, etc., all of which were formerly jobs unto themselves.  This scrapping for work is leading to the poor pay for writers and photographers I read about on the discussion boards.

My thought is that all these skills will become expected and taken for granted in the future.  The young people at present may not know their history, but they know how to use technology.  Renaissance men of the past like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were highly educated, creative, and inventive.  Renaissance “men” of today need to know how to use as many software programs as possible.  The education part of it has to some extent fallen by the wayside.

As a baby boomer, I try not to get discouraged by this trend.  I am young enough to still have to have the skills to work in today’s world, but old enough to see a lot of my skills become obsolete and undervalued.  Although I am educated, in the skills that seem to matter at present, I am self-taught, and I will continue to learn as much as I can.

Maybe it still goes back to society’s undervaluing of a liberal arts education.  Maybe it is my own fault for not choosing a “real” profession like a nurse or an engineer.  All I know is that I see them out there, the new Renaissance men and women, trying to make their way in today’s society and learn the skills that will command the respect they so richly deserve.


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