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{January 11, 2010}   In Defense of Cats

A couple of days ago I read an article on CNN, entitled “Dogs vs. Cats”.  I am an animal-lover in general; as a child I took chipmunks out of the mouth of my cat and tried to nurse them back to life (it only worked once).  After seeing the overwhelming number of people in the poll who preferred dogs to cats (70 %!), I felt I needed to defend my beloved kitties.

My first pet was a dog, a shepherd collie that my family had before I was born.  My mother and father told me I was soon the dog’s favorite; I remember her sleeping on the floor next to my bed when I was 5 years old.  My first cat was a stray that turned up at our house one cold November morning that my father, brother, and I cornered my mother into accepting.  She was a devoted pet; she followed me on the school bus one day.  I was inconsolable when she got hit by a car.

After an appropriate grieving time (too long for me) my parents allowed their emotional fragile daughter to get another cat.  I kept the cat inside to avoid the previous tragedy.  I had her for almost 18 formative years as I grew from a young teenager to a twenty-something. We had two dogs at the time that she slept with.  One of my favorite memories is walking into the kitchen watching her knock food off the counter for the dog to eat.  People who took care of her when I went on vacation complained she meowed incessantly while I was gone.

The next cat was my most special: a calico who never ceased to amaze me with her intelligence and personality.  She lived to be over twenty years old.  She loved to watch the toilet flush, turned on the TV using the cable box, played with hockey players on TV during hockey games, stopped the cuckoo clock, and knew how to open bi-fold closet doors.  And boy did she talk!  Whenever I spoke to her, she answered in her own language with emphasis.  She even picked out my future spouse!

I now have two kittens that I am learning to love.  At this time I am lucky enough to be home with them watching them evolve and grow.  One we call a “love bug” because she loved to be cuddled and held. To get to the point… cats can be WONDERFUL pets if you take the time with them that most people give to dogs.  Everyone knows that dogs need attention and need to be walked and played with, but many people think that cats don’t need it.  Cats will respond if you spend time and interact with them.  They can be quite devoted if they feel loved and appreciated.

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