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{January 8, 2010}   Christmas Decorations

From the time I was a little girl I loved decorating for Christmas.  My mother was thrilled with the fact that I liked to decorate the tree (it saved her the aggravation when she was trying to do so many other things), and that when I got old enough, I would help her wrap my little brothers’ Christmas presents.  As a result, I have plastic bin after bin crammed with decorations.  The last couple of years, circumstances in my life have necessitated very little decorating.  I’m at the point that I know I need to do some downsizing of my decorations.

I thought this would be a fairly easy task.  A few years ago I had a Christmas Open House so I ended up buying a lot of cheap decorations to fill up the house; I assumed these would be some of the first things to go.  Some of my decorations are old or broken, so I figured they would also be easy to get rid of.  I was wrong.

I found most decorations were tied to others for some reason.  This one matches with that one; at one time or another I had different themes or interests. I can’t get rid of any of the cat ornaments my friends gave me over the years that I owned my beloved calico cat; those feel so special.  And of course I can’t get rid of the ornaments my nieces have made.  Even some of the plastic, not-so-nice ornaments are necessary for the bottom of the tree, so the kitties can have something I don’t mind them playing with. And I find that some of the old ones I have become so attached to from all the years they have been displayed, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them.  And every year it seems someone gives me something new.  Hmmm…

Well I guess I can rid of some used candles.

Maybe I’ll try it again next year…


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